We'll handle your rental. Save time and get more bookings

Renting your vacation home is a lot of work. Answering inquiries, handling rental agreements and coordinating housekeeping gets old. Vacation Rental Partner handles renting your home for you, at a much more reasonable cost than traditional management companies. Plus, it's our full time job so we're 100% focused on getting you more bookings. Ready to get your life back? Contact us today.

Lots of work
What it costs
15% of the rental*
What we do for you
  • Answer guest inquiries and questions.
  • Handle bookings from start to finish.
  • Optimize your marketing.
  • Take professional photos of your house.
  • Optimize your pricing structure.
  • Guests can book your home online.
  • Collect payment and provide checkin details.
  • Coordinate housekeeping and maintenance.
  • Send you a monthly payment for rental revenue, less our fee.
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